Can Medical Tourism Save You Money?

The answer to the question is on the whole “yes” because of the growth in medical tourism and the amount of people travelling abroad for their medical treatments.

There are numerous cases reported via the media where individuals requiring emergency care or care for rare conditions receive treatment abroad, such as twins that require separation at birth requiring a level of medical expertise not available in their country. People now travel abroad to have treatments for different reasons, including cosmetic surgery. Medical tourism refers to any individual seeking medical treatment overseas, and not in their own country.

Medical treatment Abroad and Saving Money
People travel from home destinations to countries like India, Poland, Turkey, and Spain to have medical and cosmetic treatments, such as weight loss surgeries, facial reconstructions, breast implants, bone and buttock augmentation, heart surgery and organ transplantation. The list of options in medical treatments abroad is diverse.

Certain medical facilities and medical experts abroad are world-venerated for their medical successes and specialists. Those who can afford the treatments may travel to these countries to have care provided by international experts; people once travelled to South Africa to have heart surgery performed by Christian Barnard who did the very first open heart transplant.

In countries such as the United Kingdom the National Health Service (NHS) provides world-class care. However, some people may be on long waiting lists for treatment because of the sheer volume of people needing treatment. Certain treatments have eligibility criteria that patients need to meet, such as for In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), and cosmetic treatments are not covered through the NHS. If NHS eligibility is not met, patients may need to explore private healthcare options for treatment.

Where private medical care in a country is expensive, people in need of treatment may explore medical treatment abroad, weighing the costs, exchange rates, and healthcare standards. If more affordable, these people may seek their treatment abroad. Some are drawn to combine holidays with medical treatment in a foreign country. This allows individuals to combine holiday and medical treatment costs that saves money.

Some medical facilities are combined with resorts offering individuals the chance to have high-standard medical care and time for healthy recovery. Choosing the right country and medical facility is important so that good quality healthcare is received. Patients seeking treatment abroad will need to consider additional costs that may be incurred if complications arise; for follow-up treatment and after-care.

Insurance companies are also partnering with hotels and medical groups so that people in countries with high healthcare costs, such as the United States, may travel to countries and pay lower medical treatment and elective surgery rates. Americans may travel to countries such as Thailand or Singapore for treatment under such schemes like those sponsored by Aetna. Medical tourism such as this benefits people living in states with varying health programmes and costs.

Medical tourism benefits individuals seeking medical care abroad at lower prices and gives employment to people in foreign countries to be able to earn money for better quality of life. Governments and individuals within home countries benefit because it alleviates the pressures on national health services and allows those most in need to receive care through the national health system.

More details on cosmetic surgery and saving money on some of the most highly regarded treatments is available from Cosmetic Surgery Consultants.

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