How to Fund a Lawsuit When You’re Broke

It is very difficult to plan for the unexpected. There are so many things that could happen in life, trying to be prepared for all of them is nearly impossible. Going to court is never a fun experience, but it is a necessary evil in the event that you are wronged in some way and need financial restitution to make it right.

Getting into a car accident that was the other driver’s fault, being fired from your place of unemployment without just cause, and injuring yourself at a place of business, are common unplanned situations where filing a lawsuit is justified and required.

“But how do you go to court and win your case if you are flat broke?”

This question troubles many people. Lawsuits are simply not cheap. In order to hire a good lawyer, you are going to need access to sufficient money. The irony is that usually it’s the accident that you are filing the lawsuit against that has caused you to become broke in the first place.

If you are in this scenario, you are going to need to be able to raise money fast. One avenue that many people choose is to borrow money from friends and family. Although this can generate some capital, it has the potential of putting an emotion strain between you and those you love most. Not to mention that even collectively, they may not be able to provide all of the funds needed to win your lawsuit.

Another choice would be to have a garage sale. Sell all of those items of value that you have that you can part with. Bigger or more expensive items can be listed on eBay or Craigslist. This will bring in cash quick, but you are again faced with the possibility of not having the required funds necessary to secure the attorney that you want and have the judge rule in your favor.

Lawsuit loans have been gaining lots of popularity over recent times as a way for people short on cash to pay for their lawsuits. The way it works is simple: you apply for a lawsuit loan, your case is reviewed by a participating loan provider, and you are given the funds needed to best fight your case. Once you win and have the settlement awarded to you, you pay back the loan and keep the rest of the money.

Dealing with a lawsuit when you have no money can be incredibly frustrating and overwhelming. You can borrow money or raise some from selling your personal effects, but the most efficient way to get the funds to go to court is to get a lawsuit loan.

Bio: Jacob Taylor, a finance writer for, is an under-graduate writer who enjoys writing financial articles that help readers understand their options and how they can save money.

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Are Credit Cards a Good Choice for Small Businesses?

A credit card can act as lifeline for businesses and business owners. Many credit card companies, especially those aimed at businesses, offer business credit cards which provide flexibility and has a lower rate of interest which you can use to raise your capital and boost your business. These cards stipulate that business owners have an easy and convenient method of keeping business and personal transactions separate.  There are two types of business cards available in the market:
Standard business card:
It is a commonly used business credit card which allows you to keep your balance to a certain limit. These cards provide you with credit to make purchases up to a certain limit and made available again once you pay off the purchase. Interest will be charge to the outstanding balance at the end of each month. You need to make limited payments every month before the due date to secure yourself from late penalties.
Charge business cards:
These cards don’t have any pre-set credit limit and you have to pay off balance in full at the end of each month. These cards don’t involve a finance charge and minimum balance as the debt is to be paid at once.
Benefits of business credit cards:
Some of the appealing benefits of business credit cards are:

  • When you use a single card for making all your business purchases and expenses, you can easily keep track of your expenses and money. With the help of your credit card statement, you can find out what your expenses and purchases were in the previous month.
  • You can also get additional business cards in your key employee names. If your staff manager pays for the office expenses you can provide them with a card. It can help to monitor expenses of each employee by looking at the card statements.
  • If you use a credit card that offers reward programs, you can earn and save money by getting some reward points on your every purchase. You can use those reward points towards future purchases.
  • Using business cards opens doors to many opportunities for your business. Consider these benefits before deciding not to opt for credit cards. If your credit score is not good enough to get a business credit card approved, you can follow these tips to build your credit score:
  • Opt for prepared or secured credit cards in which you have to provide money to the lender as security
  • You can opt for short term loans such as payday loans which you can repay easily on your next payday
  • Try to make payments on time
  • Know your debt to get rid of it

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Cash Advance Loans – How Do They Work And What You Should Know

First, here is a simple but effective definition of cash advance loans – these loans are extremely short term, perhaps even just for a day. Normally, the lender advances the amount which is not a huge amount either – against the pay check. The borrower returns the money on payday. This kind of an advance is extremely useful for people who have a sudden requirement for money. There are quite a few lenders who will advance such cash loans to people. Credit cards are one such example. A credit card company for instance, will give the facility of credit limit to their client who can then withdraw a certain sum of money like a loan and from a regular ATM.

Thus, a cash advance loan is characterized by being

  • Short term
  • High interest and
  • Small

These kinds of loans are governed by the Truth in Lending Act which requires the lender to tell the borrower exactly how much he is about to incur in terms of interest payments and other details like the interest rates for extension of payback period and so on. As a borrower of a cash advance, you should also insist on a written agreement and details of something called the annual percentage rate. Even though the term has the word “annual” in it, it will give you details on the interest for a short term loan as well.

You should also know about possible scams in cash advance loans. Unfortunately, there are plenty of instances where people have defrauded or attempted fraud on others. Even the fact that the borrower is in need of the money does not deter them. The Federal Trade Commission has brought out a list of indications that the company may actually be trying to scam you with a cash advance:

  • Non disclosure – either partial or comprehensive – of all fees and charges involved.
  • Lack of a physical address.
  • Disinterest in your credit rating, ability to pay back or credit worthiness.
  • A sales pitch that sounds too good to be true.

Some of the criteria that are applicable in order to get cash advance loans are that you have to be a US citizen and an adult. You also need to have some amount of job stability. For instance, having a job for more than the past 3 months is crucial. A cash advance can be given to someone who does not have a good or high credit rating. But your ability to pay back the same will need to be demonstrated. Banks typically, do not serve clients who have not shown the necessary wherewithal to pay back the loan. This underserved populace can approach a cash advance company instead.

In the USA, there are plenty of options for getting cash advance loans and the internet is probably a good source to scope out the possible options. It is good to do a bit of research on the company before you borrow from them and also check out the rates and terms and conditions being offered by other companies in the market too. This way, you will get a better handle on the actual costs of the loan.

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Some Benefits Associated With Debt Consolidation

If you owe multiple loans, and find difficulty in managing your debts and are unable to pay them off then a debt consolidation plan could be a very convenient option to clear your debts with little effort and patience. This plan means combing several loans into another unsecured loan, this programme helps you to lower your interest rates and reduce on debt payment. The consolidation company will discount the loan amount by negotiating with your creditors; this plan is often used by the person who is paying higher interest loans such as credit card cash advances.

Here are some of the benefits that are associated with debt consolidation:

Lower your interest rates: With this plan you can reduce the amount of your monthly payments and you will find less interest has to be paid. The consolidator will negotiate with all your creditors and reduce the interest rate. This could be very useful if you’re paying a lot on interest.

  • Single payment: You’re supposed to make single monthly payment to the consolidator; you need not pay your creditors anymore. The company itself will divide your payment and make monthly payments to your creditors, so you don’t need to pay them individually.
  • Poor credit person gets benefit from this plan: This plan is more beneficial to the individuals who are with bad credit such as people with bankruptcy, poor credit score, debt defaulters, and so on. One of the advantages with this plan is that it is available to all the credit card bearers.
  • Affordable instalments: You can repay this loan very comfortably with affordable payments, the repayment for this loan could be flexible, and the consolidator studies the financial position of the borrower and settles his debts very easily on a monthly basis payment.
  • Improves your credit score: Late payments on your monthly bills and defaults on loans could have a negative impact on your credit score, this may limit your financial options. When you enter into a debt consolidation programme the consolidator will clear off your debts within a certain period of time and when you clear off all your debts your credit score can be improved.
  • Reduces pressure: Because of debt relief options, the pressure and stress on the individual could be reduced greatly. It provides an opportunity to pay one single installment to your creditor and avoid paying your creditors individually, with different interest rates, so as a result they reduce individual stress.

Bottom line: There are many online debt consolidators, so make sure you conduct adequate research before choosing a debt consolidation plan in order to get best deal on debt consolidation. It is also advised to seek help from any financial experts to provide sufficient information to make you debt free and lead independent financial life. You can also consider payday loans to meet your emergencies when you don’t have any financial resources.

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My name is Alicia. I am a tech writer from UK. I am into Finance. Catch me @financeport

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Can Medical Tourism Save You Money?

The answer to the question is on the whole “yes” because of the growth in medical tourism and the amount of people travelling abroad for their medical treatments.

There are numerous cases reported via the media where individuals requiring emergency care or care for rare conditions receive treatment abroad, such as twins that require separation at birth requiring a level of medical expertise not available in their country. People now travel abroad to have treatments for different reasons, including cosmetic surgery. Medical tourism refers to any individual seeking medical treatment overseas, and not in their own country.

Medical treatment Abroad and Saving Money
People travel from home destinations to countries like India, Poland, Turkey, and Spain to have medical and cosmetic treatments, such as weight loss surgeries, facial reconstructions, breast implants, bone and buttock augmentation, heart surgery and organ transplantation. The list of options in medical treatments abroad is diverse.

Certain medical facilities and medical experts abroad are world-venerated for their medical successes and specialists. Those who can afford the treatments may travel to these countries to have care provided by international experts; people once travelled to South Africa to have heart surgery performed by Christian Barnard who did the very first open heart transplant.

In countries such as the United Kingdom the National Health Service (NHS) provides world-class care. However, some people may be on long waiting lists for treatment because of the sheer volume of people needing treatment. Certain treatments have eligibility criteria that patients need to meet, such as for In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), and cosmetic treatments are not covered through the NHS. If NHS eligibility is not met, patients may need to explore private healthcare options for treatment.

Where private medical care in a country is expensive, people in need of treatment may explore medical treatment abroad, weighing the costs, exchange rates, and healthcare standards. If more affordable, these people may seek their treatment abroad. Some are drawn to combine holidays with medical treatment in a foreign country. This allows individuals to combine holiday and medical treatment costs that saves money.

Some medical facilities are combined with resorts offering individuals the chance to have high-standard medical care and time for healthy recovery. Choosing the right country and medical facility is important so that good quality healthcare is received. Patients seeking treatment abroad will need to consider additional costs that may be incurred if complications arise; for follow-up treatment and after-care.

Insurance companies are also partnering with hotels and medical groups so that people in countries with high healthcare costs, such as the United States, may travel to countries and pay lower medical treatment and elective surgery rates. Americans may travel to countries such as Thailand or Singapore for treatment under such schemes like those sponsored by Aetna. Medical tourism such as this benefits people living in states with varying health programmes and costs.

Medical tourism benefits individuals seeking medical care abroad at lower prices and gives employment to people in foreign countries to be able to earn money for better quality of life. Governments and individuals within home countries benefit because it alleviates the pressures on national health services and allows those most in need to receive care through the national health system.

More details on cosmetic surgery and saving money on some of the most highly regarded treatments is available from Cosmetic Surgery Consultants.

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When Debt Becomes A Concern

Individuals who are in a deep debt can rely on debt review and several solutions to get the much needed help to get back on the surface and be in control again. When you are not doing well financially but you still have a ton of credits to settle, you are forced to face your angry creditors demanding that you settle your remaining balance. In this case, no matter how much you are willing to pay because of your unfortunate financial circumstance, you may not be able to.

Being in debt is the kind of situation that no one wants to be in. It certainly has serious consequences and it can turn your life around and not in a good way. When you are dealing with the demands and serious threats of legal action by your lenders, you will not be able to have peace of mind. Not to mention, your health and reputation are at stake. From being heavily indebted, your future becomes compromised too. You may not be able to apply for loan or any credit or will at least make it all the more difficult to obtain one.

Before you reach a knee deep of credits and start getting annoying calls from collectors, it is necessary that you address the problem even before it becomes unmanageable. With this, you will need to be mindful about your lifestyle or the way you spend. The first red flag is when you notice you are using your credit card more often for your purchases than you do paying cash. You may be spending more than what you can actually afford in this case.

Many people have already been burdened with insurmountable credit card bills. So do not make swiping a habit, if you keep it up then you may be heading on a dangerous road. Unless you have the cash to make the purchase, avoid buying it. Ultimately, you have to plan your expenses. Do not become impulsive because that itself will lead you to a lot of trouble soon enough.

Another major sign of disaster is when you start using one credit to pay for another set of credit. This practice may only leave you at a heavier credit. From the time you notice you are using your credit card more often, it is due time you rethink your expenses and start organizing your budget.

In the end, if you want to stay out of money trouble, you should plan properly and preparedly duly. Set a limitation and practice discipline. Make it a point to monitor both your incoming and your outgoing in terms of money. In this way, you can determine major loopholes in your spending and take action by removing them from your system. Stick only to what you need and how much you can afford.

But when you are in this kind of situation, it does not mean it is the end of you. There are actually solutions that you can seek for solution. When your earnings are not enough to answer for regular monthly repayments of your dues, you can seek professional help to obtain an effective and efficient debt management advice.

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Frugal-Friendly Vacation Planning

Many women are finding themselves pinched for cash in today’s economy. That much needed vacation can seem so far out of reach! Fortunately, there are a number of ways that you can have a fun vacation without breaking the bank.

The first thing you need to do is create yourself a vacation budget. Write down how much money you can afford to spend for your vacation. Then break it down further into categories like food, fuel, accommodations, and fun activities. By now you should have a good idea what you can get away with spending. Be sure to leave some room for unexpected expenses.

Eating out can be very expensive. Have at least some of your meals prepared in advance from food you buy at the grocery store. This doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and make it fun for everyone. Try preparing some meals and snacks that you and your family don’t normally eat. Variety is a good thing! The money you will save can go towards other activities or shopping. And don’t forget to avoid expensive and unhealthy vending machine food and drinks.

Club memberships and benefits

Be sure to take advantage of any club memberships you might have. AAA offers many great services besides their roadside service. If you belong to AAA, your AAA card can get you discounts at many restaurants, hotels, and theme parks across the country. Phone your local AAA office for more information. Ask about any other services they offer.


Before leaving on your trip, have your car serviced. This is a good time to get that oil change, alignment, or tune-up. Make sure your tires are properly inflated also. You will save money on gas this way and help prevent costly tire damage. You will also have peace of mind during your trip and that is priceless!


Food tends to be the largest expense on vacations, but activities can be expensive also. You can save money here by planning your vacation around one big activity — visiting an aquarium, for example. You can spend the rest of your time with free activities at your location. Play and walk on the beach, sunbathe, etc. Check your hotel’s travel guide to see what free activities they offer. They usually have game rooms for kids, for example.

Speaking of accommodations, be sure to shop around when choosing your hotel. Take into account what your family truly needs and make sure you aren’t paying extra for things you won’t be using. Ask the hotel if they are running any special offers that can provide savings.

Finally, keep in mind that the point of a vacation is quality time with your family, not fancy accommodations. Of course, set aside some money to splurge once or twice. You might eat out at a nice restaurant on that last night with the money you saved elsewhere. Having a frugal vacation shouldn’t mean living like a monk. Treasure this time and make memories that will last a lifetime!

About the author

Frugal may be her middle name, but Carly does it with class – which is why she loves to write about saving money, to help others learn from her cheap (but classy!) ways.

Carly Lance is also the blog manager for Personal Bankruptcy Canada, a company dedicated to helping “good people with bad debt” – even after bankruptcy.

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Why Enrolling in A Debt Management Program Is A Good Solution

When you are looking for debt consolidation you may feel as though you have few options. Bankruptcy doesn’t sit right with a lot of folks; what’s more it may not even be an option. If you have reached out to your credit cards before about lowering your interest rate and continued to remain delinquent then your credit provider may not be willing to do that again either.

While remaining forever in debt until you hit the lotto jackpot may be your first inclination you don’t need to be so dour. There are ways to become alleviated from your debt; one such way is to enroll in a debt management program.

Debt management programs offer their customer relief from their debt and a one-stop path to debt settlement which many people may have not even considered.

The way a debt management program works is that they cobble together all your debts and work out a payment plan for you. The interest that you will pay is predetermined and once you have completed all the scheduled payments you will be debt free from all of the participating creditors.

A debt management programs is a pretty good way to alleviate your debt because all the while as you are paying down your debts you generally won’t have access to the lines of credit. The terms of the settlement are made up front and even if it is going to take three or four years, by the time that you are finished and when you really need it you will have relief from your debt.

Enrolling in a debt management program makes a lot of sense for folks who just feel trapped by the burden of high interest rates, late penalties, and who have been making little to no progress or who have actually been sliding backwards on their payments.

If you could use relief from your debts and if you have tried all avenues to getting out of debt but still remain trapped in the vice grips of credit debt then maybe you should look into a debt management program. Just make sure you are clear with all the terms before you sign off on anything, get various competing quotes from different parties, and try and secure the best deal possible.

When you are talking about large amounts of debt from years of neglect, the differences between quotes could be substantial.

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The Path To Finding Discount Auto Insurance

If you have recently obtained a new vehicle, you may consider finding a new company for auto insurance. There are many places that offer auto insurance, but it’s getting a little more difficult to find discounted insurance. It seems that fewer auto insurance companies are lowering their rates to help their customers. There is still hope because a few companies are out there and providing discounted rates, the trick is finding them at the right moment. The following are a few tips that can help you find low cost auto insurance.

Research the Internet- If you are not used to the internet, it would be wise to learn how to research online. The reason for this is because there are thousands of websites online that offer auto insurance discounts. It is very hard for people to find these discounts if they do not know how to research online. If you are a young individual, you still have a good chance at finding a company that offers significant discounts.

Ask the Dealership- Dealerships that offer financing on vehicles require auto insurance on the vehicle before the purchaser can drive off with the vehicle. Dealerships will often provide you with a company that is reliable and offers considerable discounts. Dealers see the rates offered by various insurance companies on a daily basis. Insurance companies rate drivers different. Some companies offer better discounts to older drivers while others target a younger audience. Ask them which insurance company is found to be the most common for their people your age. You can also check out this article by to learn more about matching your own personal insurance risk to the cheapest car insurance companies.

Compare Quotes Online- There are several companies that offer insurance quotes online. Simply by comparing car insurance quotes between multiple insurance companies, you can find a very low cost car insurance policy. The first time I did this personally, I saved well over a few hundred a year on auto insurance.

The few examples listed above are great ways to find discounts for auto insurance. If you follow these few examples you may be able to find auto insurance that fits in your budget. Do not settle for high payments, with a little bit of research you’ll find the low insurance rates you deserve. You’ll be amazed at what a little bit of shopping around can do for you.

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Lending Money To Family Or Friends – To Be Or Not To Be?

Sometimes it happens that someone of our friends or family members asks us to borrow them money. It’s a delicate question and every one has own point of view about this. But before making a final decision it’s worth to take a little time and and ask yourself a few questions.

– Are they really having an emergency?
If your family or friends ask you to lend money quite often it seems you are their emergency fund. And you should figure out if they really have a serious reason for borrowing money or just can not manage their budget in a proper way.Maybe for their needs there can use loans online or other lending options.

– Do you have extra money?
If you have no emergency fund then it’s quite doubtful that you can bail out your family or friends. In this case the risk is much higher.

– Can you really help them?
Even if you have some savings there’s always a risk the money will not be paid back to you. If that will happen, will it really harm your budget?

Another thing it’s worth to think of, are there other ways to help your family and friends?

If you really want to help, but can not or think that lending money will make your relationship go bad, then you need to think about other options available for you. For example:

– You can make a gift and give them something that can help a little or do something for them, if you can.

– Maybe your friends ask you to borrow money to buy something – in this case you can give a gift card for their needs or offer to help them with budgeting.

– There are a lot of lending services available now.You can suggest your friends or relatives to apply for personal payday loan or other fast short-term loan.

– You always have a right to refuse. It’s not easy to do, but if you think that this loan will bring more harm than use and can ruin your relationship, it’s better to say no. Maybe a person asking you to borrow money will take a different look at his or her financial problems.

If after all you make a decision to loan money to your family or friends then you should know some tips. Anyway, there are lots of people who still lend money to their friends and family members, it’s a personal decision. But do not be shy to bring some formality into this process:

– Put everything in writing, it will help to avoid any confusions about the loan amount. Before lending money, discuss the payment schedule and exact date when money will be paid back. Also you have a right to know the way money will be spent. It’s a regular question while applying for a bank loan.

– Talk to your family and friends about saving money. There are a lot of ways to encourage them. You can do even better – find the most efficient motivation. Of course, you know what you friends and family members like, so you can make them interested with offering to set pleasant goals and save money for it. Encourage them and celebrate together every small success.

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